About Us

WellThera is a venture company established at Teikyo University, that provides innovative technology for DDS. WellThera aims to commercialize the “Theranostics Bubble” developed by the Laboratory of Drug Delivery, Faculty of Pharma-Sciences, Teikyo University (Professor Emeritus Kazuo Maruyama Ph.D., Professor Ryo Suzuki Ph.D., and Associate Professor Daiki Omata Ph.D.).

We are focused on the development of BUS-DDS, which combines the “Theranostics Bubble” with ultrasound to analyze blood flow images and deliver drugs to target tissues, especially cancerous tissues and the brain.

WellThera is based at Teikyo University, Itabashi Campus.


Opening the blood vessel wall and efficiently deliver drugs to places where they cannot reach otherwis

WellThera believes in maximizing the potential of therapeutics and treatments for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide through BUS-DDS using “Theranostics Bubble” and ultrasound.

BUS-DDS is a theranostic system that facilitates blood flow in cancerous tissues and efficiently delivers anti-cancer drugs through therapeutic ultrasound.

BUS-DDS is a safe, easy-to-use, and cost-effective system that improves the efficacy and reduces the toxicity of existing therapeutic drugs using ultrasound equipment already available at the hospitals.